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We specialize in all major brands of pool equipment repair including salt systems and pool heater repair. Check out our work!

This Mesa pool service customer has a salt pool with an attached spa. Hi Doug!
We install child proof removable pool fencing too!

BEFORE: These pool tiles are thick with calcium build-up and need Santana's pool tile cleaning service.
AFTER: Tiles looking brand new after having Santana's state-of-the-art glass bead pool tile cleaning service.

BEFORE: 30 year old pool is ready for pool equipment replacement.
AFTER pool equipment replacement: We replaced both the pool pump and filter, completely re-plumbed the system, and hauled away the old equipment.

BEFORE: Terrible heavy staining on the steps will require some skill to remove.
AFTER pool acid washing: This pool is looking bright again.

BEFORE: This pool has severe stains from copper, rust, calcium, and there is black algae on the bottom.
AFTER pool acid washing: This pool is ready for another swim season.

BEFORE: Calcium build-up on waterline tiles.
AFTER pool tile cleaning: Pool tiles are looking new again.

BEFORE: This rusty spot is from re-bar under the surface of the pool. We can fix it!
AFTER pool repairs: We removed the rusting re-bar and patched the plaster. The rust won't come back.

BEFORE: A stained pool with calcium build-up on the floor.
AFTER pool acid washing: It's looking just as good as new. Seeing a pattern?

Hector acid washing a pool in the wonderful Arizona sun.
Hector scrubbing away on this pool acid washing.

This is a fountain in need of work. It's got algae, calcium, and silly string all over.
AFTER: After tile cleaning, acid washing, and some minor resurfacing on the front this fountain is on its feet again!

Gilbert pool service customer.
Tempe pool service customer.

BEFORE: This waterfall is calcified badly.
AFTER pool tile cleaning: This waterfall is looking good again. Make your own website