Remodeling Pools!
These swimming pools are in need of some help. See how we brighten and revitalize them....
Click on pictures to see pictures up close!

Pool Remodeling-Before. Shane is constructing a custom water feature.
Pool remodeling-after. Pool resurfacing with pebble sheen, faux flagstone deck resurfacing, complete with a custom built water feature and turtle mosaics.

Pool Remodeling Before: This is a fiberglass pool with spa in need of some help.
Pool Remodeling After: We removed the spa wall and filled the bottom of the spa, installed a custom mermaid tile mosaic, and pool resurfacing with blue 3M Quartz. What a difference!

Pool Remodeling-Before. We even jack hammered out the old deck and poured a new one-look!
Pool Remodeling-After. This old school pool got a completely new concrete pool deck, new skimmer, life sized dolphin tile mosaic, vacuum line installed, new pool filler, and complete pool equipment replacement.

Pool Deck Re-surfacing. This is custom faux flagstone with 4 colors.
Pool Deck Re-surfacing. This is custom faux flagstone with 2 colors.

Pool Re-plastering-After.
A fresh pool re-plastering job, look at how we removed the spa wall and made the spa into a big step. One of our specialties!

BEFORE: The plaster has been chipped out already and we're completing a custom-made water feature.
AFTER: The pebble sheen finish has been installed, tiles are in, and the pool is ready for water.

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